coronavirus information


- 27/02/2020 - Translation into English of the latest advice on coronavirusissued by the Spanish Government Presidency General Secretariat.

- 04/03/2020 - Advice for UA staff members to schedule international travel following the guidelines of the World Health Organisation: 

1.- As a general rule, the WHO recommends avoiding travel to areas affected by COVID-19. Information on these areas is constantly being updated through the following link:  

2.- Staff members belonging to risk groups (diabetes, hypertension, and heart and lung diseases) should avoid travelling to affected areas.

- 04/03/2020 - Circular for students: Chinese, Japanese.

- 09-03-2020 - Circularfor the university community members.

- 11-03-2020 - Decision of the Valencia Government on special healthcare measures (in Spanish).

- 12-03-2020 - Statement by the University of Alicante President:"Following the instructions of the Valencian regional government, in coordination with all the Valencian public universities, the teaching activity in the classroom will be suspended indefinitely as of Monday 16 March.

Likewise, all extracurricular activities of any kind scheduled to be held at the Campus of Sant Vicent del Raspeig, as well as at all the UA venues and lecture halls around the province, have been suspended. 

Instead, the teaching activity will be conducted online. For this purpose, the University of Alicante will publish tomorrow an ad hoc teaching plan with instructions and guidelines to guarantee the continuation of the classes online."

13-03-2020 - Statement by the University of Alicante President : reminder of extracurricular events suspended.

13-03-2020 - Decision by the University of Alicante Governing Council on 13 March 2020, adopting preventive measures and public healthcare recommendations concerning the university community as a result of the situation and evolution of COVID-19.

13-03-2020 - Instructions for the continuation of online teaching at UA.

13-03-2020 - DECISION by the Regional Department for Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society on 13 March 2020, by which the Decision of the Regional Health Department of 12 March on temporary suspension of all classroom-based teaching and education activities in all education centres, level and modalities in the region of Valencia is implemented, as a result of the situation and evolution of coronavirus (COVID-19). (In Spanish)

13-03-2020 - Spain's Prime Minister Statement. (in Spanish)

15-03-2020 - UA Comptroller's instructions for administrative staff. (In Spanish)

20-03-2020 - UA access control.

21-03-2020 - Chabot assistanceto deal with common questions on COVID-19.